It is inspired by the charism and missionary tradition of the Sisters of Charity of St. John Antida Thouret. Its style of intervention is based on real proximity.

Its biblical reference icon is Matthew 25: 31-46: “I was hungry … thirst …. I was a stranger … sick … prisoner. Every time you did these things to one of these younger brothers of mine, you did it to me. ”

This Gospel passage, in light of the charism inherited by Saint Giovanna Antida Thouret from the Church, her daughters and lay friends, is a concrete response to today’s world, indifferent, individualistic, opportunistic. We are all invited to make a choice through this “Culture of solidarity”, in order to contribute to the progress of a new, alternative, just and supportive humanity.

The inspirational and operative lines according to Santa Giovanna Antida are these:

  • “To teach the poor to know, love and serve the Lord is to do in part what the Savior of the world has come to do on earth.”

  • “Do not consider that Jesus Christ in the person of the poor.

    Always serve them as you would serve Jesus Christ himself.

    We will always consider them as our brothers and our fellow men before God. ”

  • “We have heard the voice of our neighbor that is found everywhere, we have heard the voice of the poor, who are the members of Jesus Christ and our brothers: in whatever country they are, they must be equally dear to us.”

Human promotion – Support – Development


The Board of Directors is the governing and governing body which is responsible for all the powers necessary for the implementation of the purposes of the Foundation.

President: Sr Maria Rosa Muscarella

Avv. Marco Petrini, Vice President

Dr. Laura Stopponi, Councilor

Sister Nicole Marie Roland, sdc, Councilor

Sister Isabella Ayme, sdc, Councilor

Coordinator: Sr Maria Luisa Caruso

The logo

Colors – lines – shapes: a passion

The logo graphically would like to express many meanings and communicate our passion for humanity today and the mission of the Foundation.

Here are just a few possible readings:
The red of the flame of charity …
The blue of the encounter between heaven and earth …
The orange of the horizon of hope …
The dawn of a new world …
The cross staff …