“Let us cultivate new lifestyles”

In this “Laudatosis special anniversary year,” the Thouret Foundation wishes to be particularly involved in the development projects, which contribute to a more effective solidarity and help to increase among the people a spirit of international communion with projects choices in favor of safeguarding of creation.

We are all invited to rethink our way of living on earth, our being men and women on this splendid and fragile planet in the light of the Gospel. We need to rediscover a “wisdom of the human”, capable of loving the earth, to live in it, aware of the ecosystemic impact of our actions and our consumption, and eager to direct it in the sign of responsibility. We therefore want to promote a humanism in solidarity with the Earth, which recognizes it as the home of the human family and which, in solidarity with the men and women of this and future generations, protects it.

In this Year of the Laudato Sì we will meet every month not so much for an in-depth study of the pontifical text, but to help us live an “ecological conversion” that urges us to grow in the respect that each of us must have for “the common home”

The monthly appointments will have as slogan: “Let us cultivate new lifestyles”

In today’s “globalized” society, the Thouret Foundation wants to encourage the spread of a culture of solidarity, which takes the form of:

–    reduce consumption

–    incentivize the fair market

–    Grow in ecological respect for the protection of creation

–    think about the future of microeconomics.

In the realization of the projects we therefore consider it necessary to make explicit a development model which:

–    safeguard the needs and rights of the excluded

–    proposes innovative processes capable of combining economy and ethics

–    encourage the establishment of solidarity networks

If we want to contribute to giving a future to humanity, we must build a new society based on fairer economic rules, witness a different way of doing, acting, living and convincing ourselves that to say yes to “life” we must do it together and with a new style!

Laudato Si'

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