Rete di aiuti in Siria

Thanks to your generosity and help, to date we have managed to raise €55,754, which enables us to support our sisters in Damascus and the group of Friends of Joan Antida who are reaching out to displaced families in various ways.

One of the ways they are helping is by welcoming families directly.

The night after the second earthquake, at dawn, a family consisting of mother, father and two children arrived from Ladikia with nothing, as they had lost everything. The Sisters and Friends immediately gave them shelter and especially clean clothes and clothing to change into.

The welcomed family receives a contribution from the Sisters that allows them to manage their needs independently.

Thanks to your help, with whatever the Foundation is able to send, the sisters in Damascus are able to buy food, clothing and hygiene materials to distribute to the reception centers run by local parishes and religious congregations. They also manage to support Syrian families who welcome family members and friends from the earthquake zones into their homes with these materials.

The network of aid that the sisters are weaving thanks to your support is really large and well organized.

Together with them and together with all the people helped, our thanks go out to you.

We share this information with you without accompanying photographs out of respect and out of delicacy for the displaced and housed families.

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