Volunteer Testimonies


My experience in Africa has been the realization of a dream … it is the fifth time that I live this experience together with the Sisters of Charity who are in Cameroun and our African brothers. I left at the end of November … I have the opportunity to visit many families: I spent whole days with the children and mothers who are at the hospital … It is difficult to describe the conflicting sensations that invest us in a world so far from ours, but also so close to those who are the true values ​​of life: the so deep glances of the children who enter your heart, the impotence in the face of the request for affection of those children who have lived all their short lives “on the street”, the sense of injustice in seeing the dull gaze of a malnourished child, but also the great joy, sincere of the boys in finding themselves all singing and dancing at Sunday mass, the amazement and enthusiasm, the sincere laughter of a group of kids in front of a game that you invented together with them, the sense of brotherhood that for us is now only the memory of past generations! This and much more has been my experience in Africa, I feel infinitely indebted for everything I have received from this land.

Participating in this initiative in Albania has filled me with joy! I had the opportunity to meet new people who do not just have good intentions but commit themselves, by sacrificing their free time, to put them into practice!

For me, living this volunteering was an opportunity to feel part of a project, I feel useful! It gives me a lot of stimulus and it charges me the batteries to change the world.