“Let us cultivate new lifestyles”

“Let us cultivate new lifestyles” In this "Laudatosis special anniversary year," the Thouret Foundation wishes to be particularly involved in the development projects, which contribute to a more effective solidarity and help to increase among the people a spirit of international communion with projects choices in favor of safeguarding of creation.

Volunteer Testimonies 2019

Volunteer Testimonies HERE YOU WILL FIND THE 2019 VOLUNTEER TESTIMONIES My experience in Africa has been the realization of a dream ... it is the fifth time that I live this experience together with the Sisters of Charity who are in Cameroun and our African brothers. I left at the end

South Sudan: Rejaf

Rejef: The political and social situation in South Sudan continues to be uneven and unfavorable for people's educational and training development. In this context, however, the Sisters of Charity continue their work in favor of girls and children, in particular the most disadvantaged and victims of so much violence. The number of

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