Siria: Network of aid

Thanks to your generosity and help, to date we have managed to raise €55,754, which enables us to support our sisters in Damascus and the group of Friends of Joan Antida who are reaching out to displaced families in various ways. One of the ways they are helping is by welcoming families directly.

International Women’s Day

Message from Sr Maria Luisa Caruso, coordinator of the Thouret Foundation on the occasion of International Women's Day Happy Women's Day to all. We at the Thouret Foundation have just completed our first ten years of activity in the service of the weakest in so many parts of the world, and now we

On line the video du Webinar – “10 years of history: a road called Charity”

On line the video du Webinar - "10 years of history: a road called Charity" A ce webinar ont été présents : Aloysius John, Secretary General of Caritas Internationalis; Giandonato Salvia, member of the organising committee of "The Economy of Francesco" and founder of the Tucum-OdV project; Sr Kawkab Tafid, SdC, in charge

“Let us cultivate new lifestyles”

“Let us cultivate new lifestyles” In this "Laudatosis special anniversary year," the Thouret Foundation wishes to be particularly involved in the development projects, which contribute to a more effective solidarity and help to increase among the people a spirit of international communion with projects choices in favor of safeguarding of creation.

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