The sisters of Charity arrived in Indonesia in 1980, and they are still present nowadays in Pontianak, precisely on the Borneo island. At the Franciscan University of Theology, and also at a diocesan kindergarten, the sisters offer a pastoral and educational service to lots of youths. In the Sintang zone, in Jerora, there is a regional house which hosts a group of 20 young girls: in this house, they receive a solid education in Christian values; furthermore, in here we can also find two big rooms reserved for children who attend the kindergarten. Outside of the house, we can also find a large arable land, in which the young girls work: in this way, they can support the sisters and keep on living in the house.
The sisters are also present in the city of Yogyakarta, a university town on the Java island. In here, the sisters welcome lots of new students that come from other villages.
On the 26th December 2004, when a terrible Tsunami damaged great part of the population, the sisters went in the Nias island, in order to provide assistance. Since they knew the reality of the island, on request of the local clergy, the sisters opened a small community that could host the girls of the village, who wouldn’t have been able to reach the school. The sisters, then, seeing the necessities of the population (which was still primitive in its beliefs and its manners), understood the importance of education, starting from childhood: they wanted to bring to everybody the real values of the Gospel. They started hosting in their house some children of the village: there are more than 90 children now. After some other requests, the sisters also built a new room at the entrance of the village, closer to the forest. Here the requests started to rapidly increase and now the sisters host more than 60 children in a wood structure, which bear the marks of woodworms and humidity.

After the repeated invitations of the village administration and of the local church, the sisters decided to buy a part of the land and to build upon it a new kindergarten, wider and firmer, so that they could welcome a higher number of children, and help them grow an evangelic mentality.


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  • Per il futuro dei bambini a Nias [ necessario costruire la nuova scuola

  • Durata del progetto: 1 anno e 6 mesi