PAKISTAN: Educational priorities

Lahore: Officially, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the fifth most densely populated country in the world. It is an ethnically and linguistically diverse country, but unified by the common membership to the Islamic religion.

Christians continue to be the poorest part of the country, they are given the humblest and least paid jobs and, above all, women suffer from this discrimination the most.

The Sisters of Charity arrived in Pakistan on January 1982 (thanks to the Province of Malta). The first community was born in Shahdara, in the outskirts of the historic capital, Lahore. The nuns who immediately grasp the primary need for education, establish a high school for Christians. The first missionaries immediately realize the importance of training Christians in Catholic schools to prevent them from being forced to attend  Muslim schools; at the same time, they support the education for girls who would have no access to high school. Pakistan mission continues today with more than thirty nuns in the country, distributed in 6 communities.

The mission, which shows everywhere our charisma, that is, the spiritual and earthly service to the poor people, is realized not only in the socio-educational environment (schools, foyers…), also in the one of socio-health (structures for the mentally disabled, hospices, etc.) and in the pastoral field (especially in collaboration with parishes).

it is necessary to rebuild the house that the frequent floods have made unusable. The facility serves to welcome young students, who come from outlying places in the city, and the community placed in the service of the school.


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  • Renovation of the householding facilities

  • Supply of basic furniture and equipment necessary for a correct didactic activity;


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