Polistena (RC): Donation of Masks

With great joy on Wednesday morning the Sisters of Polistena, on behalf of the whole Congregation, delivered to Santa Maria degli Ungheresi Hospital in Polistena (RC) : the thanks of the Health Director, staff and people translated into an article by Attilio Sergio published on 11.06.2020 in the “Gazzetta del Sud – Reggio”

Polistena Hospital – The Sisters of Charity donate masks

The Thouret onlus Foundation, operating arm of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Giovanna Antida, thanks to the campaign for the collection of aid for the Covid-19 emergency launched by the Superior General Sister Nunzia De Gori, originally from Messignadi di Oppido Mamertina, has chosen Polistena as the only hospital in Calabria to which to donate a large number of equipment to protect healthcare personnel and patients.

Yesterday, early in the morning, Sr. Annamaria Leone and Sister Angela Paglione arrived at the hospital and delivered 50 visors G for eye protection to the medical director Giuseppe Zuccarelli. 50 disposable gowns; 6 protective glasses; 300 FFP2 masks; a portable finger oximeter; 66 packs of sanitizing gel; 9 infrared thermoscanners.

The solidarity campaign aims to offer a concrete response to the needs of the missions of the Sisters of Charity in the world and to pursue social, humanitarian, cultural and educational aims by operating in the sectors of health, education and the environment.

Once the material was received, the medical director of the hospital Giuseppe Zuccarelli addressed a heartfelt thanks to the sisters, also on behalf of the company management.