The project aims to support school activities in Bocaranga school.

For several years the Central African Republic has experienced numerous political crises that escalated in 2013 in a civil war still present in the country. This had a negative influence on the school system. It is therefore necessary to make the education system more dynamic with a better quality of teaching, through educational activities and teacher training.

It is from this African continent, a battered, insecure land, where ignorance affects children and young people, that we make our heartfelt appeal to you.

As Sisters of Charity, one of our priorities on the African continent, especially in the Central African Republic, where we have been present for more than 60 years, is the education and training of young people with quality educational structures.

Boys and girls attend our schools, we are preparing them to face the future with a good training. We try to open their hearts and minds to live a culture of peace, of respect for differences.

How many child soldiers and young people we see with a rifle in their hands!

And we offer them books, notebooks. We open them to culture, we teach them to think, to make questions…to wonder the reason for so many conflicts on their land…the reason for tribal and religious hatred, the reason for war…

Young people need help, models, values to help them face the future with serenity and courage.

There will be no peace until the poor continue to be exploited since they are ignorant.

Give us a helping hand to continue this future project for the African continent, which will help young people take their lives into their own hands. They will be the one helping rebuild their countries. It’s going to be a long time job, but they’re going to make it. And we, Sisters of Charity, accompany them on this journey of growth.


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  • Welcoming 20 girls

  • School, social and religious education

  • Support and accompaniment of the girls in their choice of school and profession, up to their integration into the world of work.