South Sudan is a country that often makes international headlines for its suffering, especially considering the aftermath of the civil war that led to independence from Sudan in 2011 and continues to affect the territory.
Hunger and drought also often make the news, with dramatic images of thousands of people struggling to survive in inhuman conditions.

But like any other country, not everything in South Sudan is exhausting, tragic and negative; not everything is conflict and despair. There are also places of beauty and hope! Culture and music are part of the identity of this young state, which seeks to affirm its diversity and unity among its different ethnicities and languages.

Pope Francis’ visit in February this year was a sign of hope for South Sudan. The Pontiff met with the country’s civil and religious authorities, bishops, priests, consecrated women, seminarians, young people and internally displaced persons: a meeting that gave much courage and instilled much hope in the work the Church is doing for peace and reconciliation in society.

We, the Sisters of Charity, have been present in Rajaf, a small town a few kilometres from the capital Juba, since 2013 and the Thouret Foundation has been accompanying this presence from the beginning. Dropping out of school is a widespread problem in South Sudan and particularly affects families from the poorest classes. The girls we try to help in the ‘Our Home’ project come from families with serious difficulties: some girls are orphans and others come from rural and desert areas where there are few opportunities to go to school.

We are called to be close to all needs and we are aware that we cannot help everyone, but we contribute by welcoming some street girls into the centre, where we offer them education, health care, psychological and spiritual support, and above all the warmth of a family.

Our goal is to give them a new chance in life, away from violence, drugs and prostitution. We try to give them the opportunity to acquire values that will guarantee their future, because the future is in their hands.

We can provide with: 

  •  30 Euro per month the feeding of a young girl;
  • 20 Euro per month the stationery and study necessities;
  • 50 Euro per year the supply of bed linen and towels for the young person
  • 100 Euros per year new clothing…

Thanks to all those who support us in our mission. Thank you all!