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The situation in Sudan today is very serious and worrying. Violent clashes between the State Army and paramilitary forces threaten to plunge the country into civil war. The conflict is rooted in the tensions that have been shaking the country since 2021. The economic and geopolitical interests of various regional and international powers are also at the root of the violence.

The crisis has exacerbated the conditions of poverty, hunger and disease that were already afflicting the country, especially affecting the poor. Many civilians have been killed or injured in the fighting, while others have fled their homes in search of refuge. The population is also suffering from the lack of water, electricity, fuel and internet, due to the blockades imposed by the military.

In this situation, the Church is trying to be close to the people and bring a message of peace and hope.
Our community, present since 1984 in Bahri, north of Khartoum, is made up of four South Sudanese sisters and is living this situation with great suffering, alongside the Sudanese people.

As soon as the fighting started in the area, 6 students from the school in Bahri were trapped in the building, with no possibility of returning home (at the time of writing, we know that they have managed to return home).

Sister Agata from Khartoum says that the situation is not improving and that fear is increasing. We hope that concrete efforts will soon be made to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

“I follow with concern the events in Sudan. I am close to the Sudanese people, who have already suffered so much, and I invite them to pray that arms may be laid down and that dialogue may prevail, so that together we can resume the path of peace and harmony” (Pope Francis).

Let us make Pope Francis’ words our own and unite in prayer for the Sudanese people.