“I am a Daughter of the Church, be you too with me”, repeated Giovanna Antida the heroine of charity.

How to be children of the Church in the time of the crown virus? The participants who had undertaken the training course for volunteering of the Thouret Foundation, asked abruptly, interrupted abruptly from the beginning by an unknown bacterium, which upset everyone’s life.

Asked by the question, the Foundation replied immediately: the path of formation does not stop. This unexpected trial will be transformed into opportunities for encounter and dialogue for a new form of evangelization. The time has come to walk new paths, meet in new spaces, use new languages, hear with new ears and above all listen.

“In order to listen you have to be silent” says Sister Maria Luisa, at the second meeting with the youngsters eager to train for volunteering. “Silence is necessary to give space to the other” continues the sister of charity, who to give space to the other does not hesitate to meet him on a platform.

This is the new space where the new multimedia language is spoken, where the other is listened to, who lives in Rome, Milan, Como, Erba, Termoli, Catania and where, by listening, you also learn to love. Love Silvia, Alessio, Nicole, Benedetta, Miriam, Lorenza, Sara, Angela, Anna, Giulia, Gaetano, Pina, Isabella, Maria Rosa, Therese… .., and feel that slowly they come to live within you.

Listening to Silvia is knowing the story of Momo, an imaginary girl who can neither read nor count, but knows how to listen with the heart. Listening to people and listening to them, she knows how “to help them find answers to their problems, to make peace with each other and to invent fun games”. This is how Momo makes many friends. “Listening allows me to know the other, but also myself” reiterates Sister Maria Luisa, “Do not listen only to sounds, listening does not stop at words … goes further …” adds Giulia, “Listening is welcoming others within you  “says Benedetta,” Listening to the word to remain united not only in a virtual way, but in a real way “continues to say Sister Isabella. Listening is approaching the other, embracing his diversity and transforming the local meeting into a global dialogue. Nicole, on the other hand, makes herself heard with the images and shows us the symbol that accompanied us in this quarantine: the rainbow. Listening is also seeing the face of the other, looking at the face of the other with the yellow that illuminates and makes Miriam see everything with a new light, with the blue that makes Angela reflect on the projects she wants to achieve, with purple that changes Benedetta’s “being inside”, with the orange of Sister Isabella that radiates joy and joy, with the green of Pina that makes us hope to leave to become volunteers and walk together on green meadows. No longer two separate groups of volunteers, but a single group that walks together in that green meadow of the web, similar to the net of some fishermen who listen to their Master and throw the nets on the opposite side. Fishermen have faith and fishing will be miraculously abundant. It is the Faith that makes you get on a boat and go fishing in an empty sea. Leaving is going to discover “the beauty of the other”, play with him, share and offer what you have, work and work hard to then bend down and reap the benefits. To leave is to listen to the Master, it is not to be afraid of leaving the quarantine of useless life. Leaving is living all the colors of the rainbow. Leave with us! Come inside the network too, we will listen to you on Sunday, 14 June 2020 at 16.

Pina Privitera