Special back to school 2020-2021

12th October 2020: first school-day with the attendance of pupils after a voluntary break of seven months. How many things have happened in these months !

The hearts of pupils and teachers were full of mixed and confused feelings  …

The entrance of the courtyard looked like that of an operation theatre with rigorous health and safety measures in place.  The pupils crossed the garden quickly, looking at the school walls as if they saw them for the first time in their life!  The students of the secondary school I met this morning are different from those I knew before the 28th February (last school-day); this morning their eyes kept staring at the signs left by the bombs exploded on 4th August (which partially damaged our 5 buildings).  They want to go back quickly to normal life in a country where nothing is going well. It seems that misfortunes have been falling on us as rain-showers, coming soon one after the other one and washing away the little hope they still hold on to.

This morning I felt all the sadness of this situation!!! How deeply we have been wounded … Our inner wound is still hurting and it feels larger than the crater caused by the explosion at the port!!!

What shall we do to let the sap bring new life to these buds? O Lord, inspire us new ways, so that we may accomplish our mission fully.