Aid to families in Pakistan

AID TO FAMILIES IN PAKISTAN On 16 August, hundreds of people of the Muslim faith attacked the Christian quarter of Jaranwala, on the outskirts of the industrial city of Faisalabad, in the state of Punjab, east of Pakistan. Churches, houses and a Christian cemetery were vandalised and set on fire, causing considerable

South Sudan: Support for Our Home

South Sudan is a country that often makes international headlines for its suffering, especially considering the aftermath of the civil war that led to independence from Sudan in 2011 and continues to affect the territory. Hunger and drought also often make the news, with dramatic images of thousands of people struggling to survive

Siria: Network of aid

Thanks to your generosity and help, to date we have managed to raise €55,754, which enables us to support our sisters in Damascus and the group of Friends of Joan Antida who are reaching out to displaced families in various ways. One of the ways they are helping is by welcoming families directly.

PAKISTAN: Educational priorities

PAKISTAN: Educational priorities Lahore: Officially, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the fifth most densely populated country in the world. It is an ethnically and linguistically diverse country, but unified by the common membership to the Islamic religion. Christians continue to be the poorest part of the country, they are given the

LAOS: House accomodation

LAOS: House accomodation Pakse: The presence of the Sisters of Charity in Laos dates back to 1934, the year of the canonization of st. Giovanna Antida. The purpose of the arrival was to offer support and charitable works in the most needy areas: teaching and education of youth, opening of nursery schools

DRC: House for students

DRC: House for students Kinshasa: It is aimed at the numerous girls from Kinshasa who leave their village and move to the big city in order to access their studies. Often families are unable to support and accompany them, and the dangers of a heavily populated city like Kinshasa are numerous. The

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